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Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger

Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger is a hilarious coming of age comedy that explores what it’s really like to be an outsider in your own world. Esther is not like other girls; she befriends a duck and talks to God through the toilet. Her school is a daily torment but life changes when Esther meets Sunni and slips out of her oppressive all-girls private school and into a public one under the guise of a foreign exchange student. She learns that it’s ok to be different and that being true to yourself is more important than fitting in


Writer/Director: Cathy Randall
Producer: Miriam Stein
Cast: Danielle Catanzariti, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Essie Davis and Toni Collette
Premiere: 58th Berlin International Film Festival 
Awards: AACTA For Best Young Actor, Youth Jury's Michel Award for Directing at the Hamburg Filmfest, Germany

Monkey Puzzle

On a trek to find the world's rarest tree, Dylan and his friends descend into harsh ravines and canyons. As the wilderness closes in on them they come face to face with hard truths about friendship, unrequited love, and the consequences of letting go of the past.


Director: Mark Fortsmann
Writer: Stephen Davis and Mark Fortsmann
Producer: Tamara Poppoer

Executive Producers: Mark Forstmann and Miriam Stein

Cast: Ben Geurans, Ryan Johnson, Ella Scott Lynch, Socratis Otto

Premiere: Shanghai International Film Festival

Awards: Best Environment Film Award, Shanghai International Film Festival


Accidents Happen

A suburban teen becomes a delinquent after surviving the car accident that kills his sister. 

Director: Andrew Lancaster
Writer: Brian Carbee
Anthony Anderson
Associate producer and marketing supervisor: Miriam Stein
Cast: Geena Davis, Harrison Gilbertson, Harry Cook

Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival

The Very Trevor Ashley Show (SBS)

A modern comedy about a Filipino cleaner, a Muslim taxi driver and a very white self-absorbed performer. They are thrown together to make a multi-cultural variety show, except they have no money, no guests and no idea. But that won’t stop them putting on a good show.


Created By: Greg Logan and Miriam Stein
Executive Producers: Greg Logan and Miriam Stein
Director: Erin White
Writers: Trevor Ashley and Phil Scott
Starring: Trevor Ashley, Nazeem Hussain, Lena Cruz,  Amanda Muggleton and Gerwin Widjaja.


Sydney, Australia

(+61) 0414 262 726

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